Let’s meet in August 2015? Vietnam, Singapore, India or Thailand.

My business, League Cultural Diplomacy (LCD) is an international event management and consulting firm that specialises in corporate cultural diplomacy. We help our clients build corporate relationships, trust and influence abroad or across cultures through cultural events and other creative initiatives. Based in South East Asia, we are an Australian registered business with the ability…

Double Shafra Culture

Originally posted on Brave New Libya:
Double Shafra (arabic: دبل شفرة, translation: two cards) | (noun)  1. A cell-phone that can hold two sim cards 2. A Libyan with a second passport There is a large Libyan diaspora community, disproportionately sizable compared to our national population. Many people were forced to flee under the Gadhafi regime, many…

Why every kid should collect stamps

“And if you look closely, you can almost trace a country’s evolution through its stamps. In a sense, they’re a reflection not only of how a country wants to be seen — but also of how it sees itself.”