Grant Hall (blog founder)

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Grant Hall is a consultant, researcher, creative event manager and educator focused on harnessing the transformative power of culture and the arts to contribute to solving our most pressing local and global challenges. Through his business, League Cultural Diplomacy, Grant helps individuals, corporations, community organisations, educational institutions and government agencies to drive positive transformation using culture and arts-based initiatives. He also lectures, coordinates courses and conducts research at the University of South Australia Business School, primarily in the Arts and Cultural Management and Tourism programs, where he is charged with ‘developing and empowering the leaders of tomorrow’.

Over the past 20 years, Grant’s career has provided him with an intense learning journey about the transformative power of the arts and culture. To provide a few examples, he has been engaged in projects that use arts and culture to; improve the lives of people who have mental illnesses; build community harmony in post-conflict communities, and; improve societal outcomes and give voice to Indigenous people and groups. From Adelaide in Australia, Grant’s work has allowed him to live and work in Vietnam, the UK and Canada; undertake projects in India, Germany, Cyprus, Italy, Ireland, Singapore and more, and; be engaged remotely with initiatives in Indonesia, Hong Kong and others. His work roles have included managing arts organisations, venues, events and festivals, as well as working in arts and cultural roles within Australian government agencies, including; the Department of the Prime Minister & Cabinet; the Attorney General’s Department; the Department of the Premier & Cabinet (South Australia), and; the Department for Education (South Australia).

With a lifestyle described by The Asian Entrepreneur as ‘never dull’, incorporating work ‘across the globe with many different cultures’, Grant strives to learn all he can about the transformative power of the arts and culture. As a Fellow of the Adelaide Festival Centre, Grant holds a Masters in Arts and Cultural Management; a Masters of Business Research; a Graduate Certificate in Art History, and; a Diploma of Music. Recent scholarship-funded research projects have included explorations of; Burning Man culture and innovation; interactive science museums and transformative learning, and; the realities of digital nomad lifestyles.

Grant’s professional experiences and academic research have led him to become an emerging thought leader in respect to the transformational power of culture and the arts, and he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge and knowhow with the widest audience possible. In increasing demand as a conference speaker, his internationally recognised ideas about the transformational effects of arts and cultural activities have been influential amongst community, education, business and government leaders who seek to drive transformational change using culture and the arts. Grant has presented some of his core ideas at universities and conferences internationally, in book chapters and other academic publications (including those by Springer and Routledge), and through which he established in 2015.

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