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By Grant Hall.  Founder of League Cultural Diplomacy

This post was originally published on LinkedIn on July 20, 2015.

I’ve been managing events of all types since I started out organising rock gigs in high school. Twenty years on, I’ve facilitated hundreds of arts, cultural and corporate events and other creative initiatives, from small VIP functions to festivals and orchestral tours.

Over time, I’ve observed the power of cultural events and the strong emotional effects they can have on participants and audience members. I’ve seen audiences brought to tears by a theatre performance and music fans embracing complete strangers following an exuberant concert. Events can unite people through a shared experience which helps them to develop understanding and form friendships.

If you or your organisation is doing business abroad or across cultures, or planning to do so, events can help you achieve your corporate objectives.

Your events will strengthen and even lead your marketing strategy. They contribute to your brand image, allowing you to espouse your values, mobilize grassroots support, build coalitions and develop advocates for your product or cause. Events provide an excellent springboard for your PR campaign, delivering greater PR mileage whilst achieving superior outcomes to traditional marketing methods.

Through events you will meet the right people and influence the people that you need to. Well considered events can convey powerful messages that the spoken and written word often can’t. Events allow you to acquire new strategic partners, business opportunities and will improve your access to news and information. Events will give you a captive audience!

Most importantly, events will improve your business performance by unlocking profit potential and decreasing costs. If there’s a person or group standing in the way between you and your success, events will help you to influence them to see your point of view and make decisions in your favour. Events can be tailored to influence key-decision makers, potential clients or the public. Similarly, events can be used to convey internal messages, build productive working relationships and contribute to your desired company culture.

To be successful, your events must be well considered, strategically designed and brilliantly executed.

That’s what my business does. League Cultural Diplomacy (LCD) manages international cultural events and other creative initiatives on behalf of our corporate clients. We can manage your event, or any part of it, from conception through to post-event evaluation, or guide you if you choose to manage your own events.

If you would like to unlock the power of events for your business, please get in touch with LCD, or better still, meet with us.

If you are in the following cities in August, we can arrange an informal meeting to discuss how you can use events and corporate cultural diplomacy. There’s no fee or commitment required, just an opportunity for you to learn more about it as we visit your city.

August 2015 Dates:

August 5: Ho Chi Minh City (No available times remaining – contact us to join the waiting list) 
August 6: Singapore (No available times remaining – contact us to join the waiting list) 
August 8-10: Mumbai (No available times remaining – contact us to join the waiting list) 
August 12: Delhi (No available times remainingcontact us to join the waiting list) 
August 14: Jaipur (No available times remainingcontact us to join the waiting list) 
August 19: Bangkok (No available times remainingcontact us to join the waiting list) 

Click here to contact LCD.

I hope we will meet soon!

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photo credit: MaxisGotTalent200 via photopin (license)

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