wherewordsfailblog.com Top 10 posts for 2015

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Thanks for reading wherewordsfailblog.com in 2015. Here are the 10 most popular posts for the year.

1. The silent killer murdering international business ventures


“There is a silent killer murdering business ventures abroad.  The disease is often found in emerging markets.  It is difficult to treat because it is rarely accurately diagnosed, even after the venture is dead”

2. Corporate Cultural Diplomacy; how it works in practice (with examples)


“Intelligently designed and well executed cultural diplomacy initiatives will reap outstanding benefits including increased business stability and sales growth in foreign markets”

3. What is Corporate Cultural Diplomacy?


“Drawing on the finest traditions of statecraft and international diplomacy, many successful companies now use cultural diplomacy as a tool to manage international business relationships and gain influence in foreign markets”

4. China’s strategy for exporting culture; an approach worth emulating

Chinese Gardens are an important part of Chinese cultural diplomacy.

“When nations and states are looking for avenues of economic growth, it is important to look at countries that have achieved high levels of growth to see which aspects of their success can be emulated”

5. On quality, business, sports and the arts


“Practitioners in all three fields are striving for the same thing – quality”

6. Arts leader warns against economic cliches; is attacked with economic cliches

The Thinker in The Gates of Hell at the Musée Rodin

“What arts haters fail to understand is that even if they never read a book, go to the theatre or enjoy an arts exhibition or rock show, they are still the beneficiaries of these events that aid the local economy, build growth and create jobs, in turn making a civilised and healthy society”

7. How music education builds economic growth in South Australia


“When you study music, you are constantly problem solving, finding solution after solution, second-to-second, minute-to-minute, and eventually year-by-year. This type of sustained creative problem solving makes music and other creative arts graduates highly creative people”

8. Business failures in China; a failure to connect at a cultural level


“Home Depot, Barbie, Best Buy — they came and tried to sell the American vision, thinking people wanted to buy that…  That’s not what Chinese want to buy”

9. Broadening corporate concepts of culture


“For most people who live in the non-corporate world (such people do actually exist), culture has nothing to do with work. For many, the word ‘culture’ brings about thoughts of music, dance, literature, art, food, languages, national customs and the like”

10. Why I named my blog ‘where words fail


“This was when I saw the power of cultural engagement through the arts for the first time.   Here, actions surpassed words to assist in building functioning communities and a more peaceful world”

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