The future of arts education – broaden, deepen, diversify, intensify

References and endnotes

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  6. Findings like this have also been confirmed by the International Laboratory for Brain, Music, and Sound Research (BRAMS), which was created to “study music as a portal into the most complex aspects of human brain functions.” This is also true for the many studies undertaken by Jonathan Burdette, a neuroadiologist at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Centre, who has concluded from these studies that “It doesn’t matter if its Bach, the Beatles, Brad Paisley, or Bruno Mars.  Your favorite music likely triggers a similar type of activity in your brain as other people’s favorites do in theirs.”
  7. Information on these and many other studies and findings related to the impact of the arts in general and arts education in particular, and especially the functioning of the minds, brains, and thoughts of artists can be accessed on The Healing Power of Arts and Artists website.
  8. Paul Schafer is Director of the World Culture Project based in Markham, Canada, He has written many books and articles on the arts and culture. Information on this can be acquired on the World Culture Project website at:

photo credit: UweBKK (α 77 on )
Purple tropical water lilies in a pool at the Arts and Science museum in Singapore
via photopin (license)

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