THE ARTS: Gateway To A Fulfilling Life and Cultural Age

Regular contributor to D. Paul Schafer has recently released a new video titled THE ARTS: Gateway To A Fulfilling Life and Cultural Agee (see below) to promote his new book of the same name. 

If you cannot access the video, try clicking here.

You can buy the book now at

Some praise for THE ARTS: Gateway To A Fulfilling Life and Cultural Age by D. Paul Schafer:

“D. Paul Schafer is the sage we need today. He brings wisdom and guidance about how and why we must live a life filled with arts and culture. In one of the world’s most uncertain and catastrophic moments, Schafer has fiercely penned a beautiful and deeply powerful path forward, weaving together the threads of social connection, identity, health, learning and well-being. His new book is a love letter to the arts and cultures of the world and an instruction manual for all of its inhabitants. It will make you laugh and cry, reconnecting you to something perhaps missing in your life that you couldn’t name — until now”

—Susan Magsamen,
Executive Director,
International Arts + Mind Lab,
Johns Hopkins University

—The Honourable Patricia Bovey, FRSA, FCMA,
Senator for Manitoba,
Senate of Canada

“As our consciousness grows, inspired by the arts, a new age beckons, what Schafer calls a cultural age, in which our highest goals and the ideals of humanity may one day be realized”

—John J. Cimino,
President and founder of Creative Leaps International
and the Renaissance Center for Knowledge Integration,
Interdisciplinary Thinking and Advanced Applications of Imagination

“A masterpiece! Schafer opens our eyes to seeing culture and the arts as the single most important resources in the development of our collective path ahead”

—Alexander Schieffer,
Co-founder, TRANS4M Center for Integral Transformation
and co-editor of the Routledge Transformation and Innovation Book Series

“This brilliant book … lays the groundwork for a cultural renaissance to replace the current system of thinking, feeling, and creating that has failed the vast majority of humanity and nature itself”.

—Ashfaq Ishaq, Ph.D.,
Founder and chair, International Child Art Foundation

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Image Credit: Ting Yaoh/Pixabay

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