Ethiopians Hate to Lose!

Continuing on the recent themes of sport and international business here’s a post from an excellent documentary/photography blog that I recently discovered called Untold Stories.

Meet Haile Gebresalassie. You might remember him as the dual Olympic gold medalist or the four time world champion 10,000 metre runner. Here he talks about business growth and opportunity in his home country of Ethiopia.

Untold Stories


We are slightly star struck when entering the office of the world famous runner Haile Gebresalassie. We’re not here to talk about his amazing achievements as an athlete, but to talk business – his business that is. The prize-money Haile won as a runner has been invested wisely in Africa’s fastest growing economy.

−The economic growth is good news for me and my businesses, Haile Gebresalassie says and smiles. −More money and less manual work in the general population mean more fat people, and fat people come to my gyms to sweat off the extra kilos.

What the 42-year old celebrity is saying is true, even if it is just a tiny bit of the truth. The money Haile makes in his three gyms are quite insignificant compared to what he makes from real estate, car-import, agriculture, gold mining and running of two private schools.

To be in Ethiopia is…

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