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Thank you for reading wherewordsfailblog.com in 2016. Here are our top 10 most read articles for the year.

  1. The Australian arts funding crisis and what it means for business


“My question to the decision makers in the Turnbull Government is this: where do expect the creative people to come from to sustain the innovation boom you desire to create?”

2. Tips for expats too afraid to eat the street food

Street food in India

“Eating locally is a wholly satisfying experience and the rewards are great. Once you’ve done it a few times it becomes an addictive pastime – and usually a healthy and cost-saving one too”

3. Can arts organisations become ‘exponential organisations’?


“New information and knowledge based technologies have been very useful for artists and arts organisations to disseminate and promote their artistic product around the world. But is this where an arts organisations usage of technology begins and ends, with the sharing of stuff on social media?”

4. Solving global challenges. Listening and the importance of learning music and languages
we hear through our ears but listen through our hearts

“If you want your kids to be able to listen closely, emphatically and consciously, make sure they learn an instrument, a second language and encourage their love of reading and the arts”

5. 4 TV commercials that use culture to make the sale

tv pic

“In persuasion, rational argument appealing to facts, beliefs about causality, and normative premises are mixed with the framing of issues in attractive ways and the use of emotional appeals. Outcomes are shaped not merely by whose army wins but also by whose story wins”

6. Australian arts organisations should outsource and off-shore to survive and thrive


“In the new reality of massive funding shortfalls and the prospect of closure becoming more of an imminent reality for numerous Aussie arts organisations there are many things which they can do to ensure their survival. One suggestion I would like to offer is that arts organisations should consider doing what other businesses often do to survive or find success: go off-shore”

7. The messages from Indigenous people that I never passed on to the Prime Minister

Pay Attention

“In February each year, on what has become known as ‘Groundhog Day’, the Australian Prime Minister delivers the news of the abject and endemic failure of Closing the Gap, a government strategy that aims to reduce the appalling disadvantage faced by Australia’s Indigenous people. This must be a dreaded time for Australian PM’s and whilst successive Prime Ministers have tried to gloss over the results in various ways by putting some positive PR spin on the results or blaming their predecessors or even Indigenous people themselves, the dismal results documented every year only serve to highlight how incapable our government is”

8. Corporate cultural diplomacy and the international education sector

Asian university graduates

“Here lies what I think is the most appealing aspect of corporate cultural diplomacy and why your institution should use it; because it has an amazing ability to tick a whole lot of boxes, contributing to your institution’s objectives in academia, corporate and campus culture, CSR, PR and more, whilst ensuring you have the good relationships needed for your institution to thrive in today’s globalised, multicultural world”

9. Workplace diversity. What, why and how?


“Creating an inclusive environment that accepts each individual’s differences, embraces their strengths and provides opportunities for all staff to achieve their full potential”

10. The skills to pay the bills. Business studies versus business books

book covers

“I quickly discovered that not much of what I had learned through my classes in management and business was going to be useful to me because the courses and lecturers were completely out-of-date, with the curriculum and teacher knowledge baring little resemblance to current day business realities”

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