New contributor to ‘where words fail’; Peter Mousaferiadis of Cultural Infusion

Peter M Cropped
Peter Mousaferiadis of Cultural Infusion

Dear reader,

We are pleased to welcome Peter Mousaferiadis as a contributor to

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Peter is the founder and CEO of an organisation called Cultural Infusion, which comprises a suite of digital and interactive applications and websites, consulting services, education and community programs. Cultural Infusion reaches an annual audience of more than 350,000 people across the globe. Cultural Infusion has been recognised internationally for its innovative approach to education and the use of technology in building intercultural understanding. Since 1988, Peter has had an extensive career in the arts as a creative director, producer, artistic director, music director, composer and a champion of intercultural dialogue.. He has been internationally recognised for his work and has been the recipient of numerous international prizes.  You can click here to read Peter’s full profile on the Cultural Infusion website.

Peter’s first post to will be published soon – so stay tuned!

Looking forward,

– The team.

Links: contributors
Cultural Infusion webpage
Cultural Infusion on Facebook
Peter on LinkedIn

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