Cultural Learning is an Ongoing Process; an Aboriginal Insight

jolleen hicks
Jolleen Hicks of Aboriginal Insights

By Jolleen Hicks of Aboriginal Insights

Cultural Learning is ongoing. I have been on my Cultural Learning journey since I was born when it comes to my own Australian Aboriginal culture and I continue to learn every day. I started my learning of other cultures as an adult and more intensely when I moved into the area of native title law, and even now through my consultancy, Aboriginal Insights. Just like the mainstream world, there is a world of Cultural Learning that we can all access.

A very important point to make is that how much you learn and how quickly you learn depends on timing. Cultural Learning requires an open mind and a respect for differing cultures. In order to learn and build on your learning, you need to accept that your own culture is not the only culture and that your own culture is only enriched by other cultures. There is beauty in Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander cultures, as there is beauty in other Aboriginal cultures from around the world. I first learnt of treaties when I visited a reservation in the USA, and that was the moment I knew that I wanted to work with Aboriginal peoples from my country, Australia.

Cultural Learning extends to: cultural beliefs; cultural law systems; cultural protocols; languages; spiritual connections to country; stories; dances; songs; kinship; cultural roles and responsibilities; communication; cultural boundaries; knowledge of places; family history; and more. Remember, there are over 200 separate groups of Aboriginal people in Australia, so our Aboriginal Cultural Learning extends to all of these cultures. More Cultural Learning and respect for cultural differences through understanding will help to address racism in Australia. It will help to fuel reconciliation. Cultural Learning is a beautiful gift. I am committed to my own ongoing Cultural Learning AND I am committed to sharing my Cultural Learning with others through Aboriginal Insights.


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