Out of the Economic Age and into a Cultural Age

Regular contributor to wherewordsfailblog.com D. Paul Schafer has recently released a new video titled Out of the Economic Age and into a Cultural Age (see below). This video illustrates why it is necessary to pass out of the present economic age and into a future cultural age if the life-threatening problems posed by climate change, the environmental crisis, huge inequalities in income and wealth, and conflicts between people with vastly different worldviews, value systems, customs, and beliefs are to be dealt with effectively.

Watchers of the video will learn what’s most important to achieve in a cultural age, why it is essential to capitalize on the rich legacy of insights, ideas, ideals, and works provided by generations of cultural scholars and practitioners, what would drive a cultural age, and how such an age can be realized in fact.

If you cannot access the video, try clicking here.

Click here to read all of Paul’s posts at wherewordsfailblog.com, and here to read an excerpt from his book The Cultural Personality.

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